Saturday, November 29

the week ends

One more full week of work to go!!!!!

After bumping into a very old acquaintance for the 3rd time in a week - on the train, in the park and then on the train again yesterday morning, I got a great tip for a cheap dinner place fish free that is local. So we checked it out last night - not too bad either - especially with a BYO good Shiraz viongier. I have Calzone and S.V. the spag bol. YUM

As I watch the rain fall, surf the interknits - Rav of course, my baked eggs are cooking in the oven for breakfast.

But the best thing this weekend - no tax, no paperwork, no visitors, one social engagement(a 50's inspired Hawaiian wedding tonight) and lots of knitting.


LynS said...

Maybe pub knitting tomorrow?

missfee said...

yes to pub knitting!!!!!

Emily said...

Good good good!