Friday, December 5

hello hello

Hi everyone Big Ted here I have taken over missfee's blog for a moment. I am here having dinner helping pack before our trip to Melbourne tomorrow. I am off to meet my maker. Get a bit of a toupee under the arms - as a bear I seem to thin out there not on top. It's all those crazy outfits I get to wear at work.

Anyway looking forward to the plane trip - all the other toys are really jealous. Although Little Ted, Humpty, Jemima and I got to done our glad rags to night as our show got the "Excellence in Broadcasting"(scroll down to towards the bottom of the president's report) award from the Friends of the ABC. I am not sure if miss fee is going to share her chocolates with me but I am sure I can sneak a few tonight when she is not looking.

It has been a sad week for all of us as our beloved executive producer retired. There were tears in the toy green room. We are all happy that the head of Children's has said tonight that Play School will be continuing unchanged and as the jewel in the crown of Children's' television. I am sure he will keep his word.

signing off now bear hugs from B.T.


Kris said...

Hello Big Ted! I don't care how worn you get. I love you.

missfee said...

hi Kris thanks I will tell fiona and my maker to go easy as I am not fond of long underarm hairs...

Kebeni said...

ohhh BT will you be coming to our BBQ or SnB? Be lovely to meet you and perhaps we could measure you up for jumper or hat :)

Lara said...

Have a good holiday Big Ted!



Anna said...

Dear Big Ted,

You're my hero.


P.S. Say hi to Jemima for me!