Friday, December 19

three little kittens

who lost their mittens

These three turned up on our front fence the other night. We worked out that the black and white cat that had been scooting across our backyard for the past few months must be their mum. She must of tossed them out of home in the past few days.

I am taking them to the vet today and we are keeping 2 and Kris may adopt 1 too.

this is my favorite and we have had lots of cuddles already.

Anyone have any name suggestions? We have thought of teabag and filter, Socks and Mittens, Bourke and Wills - non quite right.


Kris said...

Kittens, yay! Dr. Amy has been needing a little brother to play with for a while now. I like both of the other ones... We'll see what Mr Snook thinks. :)

Kebeni said...

oh, too cute.
Ying and Yang? Seeing they are black and white.

M-H said...


sue said...

Ooh what a cutie pie. He looks like he has a little smudge on his nose which is just adorable. Luckily you found homes for them all, as we are still trying to find a home for our last kitten.

Anonymous said...

I like 'pocket' and 'bucket'.
But, this is the girl who called her cat 'Pickle', so I guess I just like odd cat names.
I'm amazed alley cats let you take them in! It's too destined!