Sunday, January 18

Winners we have winners

But I still can't get the photos to work.

Jan for the hand dyed and Ezzles for the black and white

Thank you everyone for their comments

Let me know your address and I will post these to you this week



Jan said...

Thank you so much. What a lovely surprise. Those colours are beautiful. I'd love to send you my address but can't see your email on blog. Mind you, I'm only half awake. While nothing on the net is ever truly private, I'd rather not post my address in your comments.

Thanks again,

Jan said...

Meant to say:my email is
jan DOT bishop AT gmail DOT COM all suitably amended. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I haven't been reading blogs in days, and look what I miss!

What's your email? I'll send you my address. Or you could just bring it to SnB next. When it is back on again, do you know?