Thursday, February 5

Brain Melt

I did go to yoga this morning - and it was amazing. I am a total Iyengar freak - the last school I went to doing up to 6 sessions a week and since the school closed I have been doing my lost yoga nut routine. I have taken up running, tried the gym and still trying the gym. I doodle a bit at home - and find that the yoga is a great for undoing the knitting arm/ shoulder clog.
So 6am I went off to class and it was great, actually really great. Back in the routine. Connected with the teacher - who is really across all of the various issues I have and had some great suggestions.

But my brain melted this afternoon - the tablets I am on create this 10 second lag in my brain. I came home early and slept for 2 hours. Missed knitting - bummer. All of the various knitting guild issues going on at the moment don't really help. I am thouroughly amazed at how rude and stupid people are. I have been yelling at the computer. Bring on SACK I say. (society of anguished creative knitters)

Now I am catching up on my list of over 100 in google reader - have I raved already about the merits of google reader - if no it is fab. I am now subscribed to a Bike blog and a great Word blog. Along with so so so many great knitting blogs.

I think my entire list is somehow public as I clicked the follow thing somewhere. But I am always finding gems in there.

I am currently dreaming of cables and plotting my next big knit - I am on track with the socks and on the last sock foot stretch for my first sock club installment for 2009.

As you can see from the photos we have gone a bit overboard with the kittens and play stuff - yes and it is nearly a tall as me. mmmmm didn't look that big in the picture. Anyway I suppose we are commited now! Or should be.

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Miss N said...

That Bike Blog is fantastic.. I'm completely addicted!