Tuesday, February 10

Sad day here

I was in tears watching the news of all of the bush fires last night - we have friends in Bendigo and Healsville who are ok- phew. Now there are far too many people who have perished due to the fires.

I heard on the radio that the flood victims from Queensland are giving their handouts to the victims of the bush fires..

Please please donate money and blood if you are able.

This morning a fellow employee, whom I didn't know, jumped off our building at work - it has effected everyone here and it is so sad. Her partner also works in the building and everyone is touched by this, it is a sad day here.

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kgirl said...

how horrific for you and your workmates. Just heartbreaking that someone can be so sad that that is the only option for them :(

I'm glad to hear your friends in Vic are OK - it's so horrible down here, everyone has been affected greatly.