Friday, February 13

tails of kittens and water

Apart from running in very wet this morning the kittens are really taken with the bath at home and water in general.

They are fascinated by showers and baths.

I had two baths this week and both times Po came to grief.

On Tuesday night I had a really really bubbly bath - after making 7 cakes for work on Wednesday, I was relaxing away with the odd cat circling on the edge of the bath - it is an old fashioned bath with a wide edge. Po was on the window side of the bath and decided to jump to the other side - well he didn't quite make it this is what Matt heard form the kitchen.

"no Po no"

then a flash of wet white to the other end of the house - followed by naked wet Fee with a towel. They had just had their injections and I was worried that being wet wasn't a goo idea.

Incident #2 - the next night again I had a bath - this time no bubbles and the cats were outside - it was a bit earlier. The louvres next to the bath were closed - I should mention that this is an access point for the kittens onto the tree and to next door to torment the neighbours dogs. Po came and mewed on the tree when I was in the bath - I ignored him. The next thing I heard was a clunk and saw a flash of white past the window - he had decided to jump - stupid! the louvre was closed!!!!!. Matt came in and there is a cat splat mark on one of the glass louvres. a very sheepish Po meandered in soon afterwards. He is fine!!!!!!

Ah the joys of kittens!!!

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Miss N said...

hehehehehe - these tales brightened my morning :)