Sunday, March 15

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Kris

I made a pile of these for Knitting Guild yesterday (WG and the purple = her blog colours and font -sort of). There was a pile of them and I also had happy birthday candles for her too - she ran her first meeting as the conveyor of the inner city group yesterday too and did a stellar job.

more finished items - there are a few more but they are about to be posted off and will remain a surprise for now.

There is a clutch of babies being born at the moment and so in between socks and such I am knitting baby items. Currently we are discussing what a collection of babies might be called - a Tarago, a bucket, a maternity ward, a litter, a Parliament (owls I know), a pram but that would be two - any other ideas?

E.Z.'s baby surprise in Jo Sharp DK classic - really fast and fun this one although right at the end I thought I might run out of wool.

My Ishbel is finish and I adore it - I got the wool on Valentine's day you may remember and here a month later is my first ball knitted.

I have also started another Selbu Modern - bigger needles so I am sure it will fit this time

And last but not least I have started the Whisper from the latest edition of Interweave knits.

And on more fun bits here is the magic ball I am sending off tomorrow for the Magic ball swap 2009. yippee hope my fellow knitter likes it.

here are the cat photos for today - kittens on roof and spilling out of windows at least 3m up....

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Kris said...

Yay, thank you so much for the cupcakes! They were a total surprise, and so yummy. :)