Sunday, March 8

ends and beginings

Finished items are fast and furious here but I can't quiet keep up with the blogging.

Twitter does not help the cause.

Marlene Socks I finished last week - they were heaps of fun.
these were the second pair in my personal sock club for 2009. Another week before the next package arrives. I am really enjoying the 6 week time frame it allows for other knitting in between but I haven't as yet lost interest.

Lotus flower top was finished ages ago but I keep wearing it and forget to photograph it. I don't have the right foundation garments on today - just took a rather inappropriate photo of me wearing it that will not go on the blog. For a visual think it was cold and I was in need of bandaids over my.........

And Selbu Modern hat - which I loved knitting but it is a bit too small for me - my fears were true as I have a HUGE noggin. So I am going to redo in a bit on bigger needles and also in another colourway.

I cut out the bags for the Bag swap on Ravelry this afternoon - sewing up next weekend - there are a few extras in there too for me and some other vicitims as well

And here is a peep at the magic ball swap I am also doing over on Rav.

I cast on and knitted quite a bit of Ishbel last night - really really happy with it so far. We watched JCVD it was excellent - great script and great acting - well we debated and decided it was really great directing as Jean-Claude hasn't really acted much before - and wow can he move!!!!!


LynS said...

Fee, what a tragedy that your Selbu Modern doesn't fit. I couldn't beaar it if this happened - but then, it takes me abut ten times longer to knot things as it takes you. The Marlene socks are lovely - how are you going to wear them and with what?

LynS said...

Forgive the typing mistakes. I posted before checking! Clearly, you're knitting, not knotting - macrame socks might be challenging, even for you.

Taphophile said...

I heart the Selbu even if it doesn't fit.