Saturday, March 28

Of babies and mojo

Now I can show you some other little knitted items I have managed to get through over the past few weeks. Some weeks are fast knitting weeks and some are slow - this week is a slow one so I hope my knitting mojo will be buoyed by this post.

The first is a Baby surprise in Zarina - as gorgeous as Zara to knit up with the softest pink splodges
running through it.

Secondly is a bunny by Debbie Bliss from the first Debbie Bliss Noro Book in Noro Kuregon and he was super quick to knit up but not so to sew up - actually it has taken a few months for the sewing up to happen.

These are both for the gorgeous Denyse who is expecting #2 very soon - bet you can't guess which flavour #2 is?

Denyse wrote thanks for the knitted bits and then wrote that Issac commandeered the rabbit.

He's saying " Buddy Cuddle, Buddy Sleepy" - too too cute - I think I will have to knit another for him and another again for Denyse too.......

I am currently facing a few of my knitting demons - the wedding jumper for S.V. was not at all right so I have unpicked it, then reknitting the shaping up the arms. The collar sat all wrong and I was in such a hurry for obvious reasons to get it done last year. I had a reprieve until winter this year to finish it again - and now that it is getting colder I thought the time is nigh.

The offending article was spied yesterday by a fellow knitter and I thought right get out the calculator, do the math and sort it out. So I have.

The other sad bit of knitting news is that the whisper cardie is not right - as much as I am fooling myself it is going to be frogged - one last ditch look at SSK today will determine the fate - and then I have been put back a week of knitting ARG!!!

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