Thursday, March 26

a penny for your thoughts

I read this article this morning and I did wonder if anyone does think of the financial ramifications of having a child.

You cannot put a price on a child or a pet, as I know, but reading this put an interesting perspective on it.

Last week I freaked out about the cost of our cats - and even though the first 6 months are the most expensive, with lots of injections and desexing by two. There was a great debate at our house about the worth of a pet. The cats definitely won - but if we had discussed this before deciding to keep them, and falling in love with them, would we have?

I actually think yes as they bring more to our house than just fleas, lizards and rashes.

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Kris said...

We had the chat before we got Dr. Amy. I had read too many stories about people who paid (what I consider to be) ridiculous amounts of money to prolong the life of an animal. We agreed that even though it sounds harsh, we should decide how much we're willing to spend so there are no arguments and resentment later on. While we love our furbabies, they're not actual children. They're animals. You have to go into these things with your eyes open.

(Your house situation makes the indoor thing difficult, but I have to say that keeping them indoors helps out enormously with the cost. We're able to stretch out the time between Advantage treatments quite a bit, and we don't have to worry so much about them getting injured or picking up a disease from a stray. If I had an outdoor cat, I'd seriously consider getting insurance for them.)