Tuesday, April 7

decisions - help needed

I am up to knitting for myself a little something and I can't decide what.

I have some black 10ply so it will be a quick knit - hopefully.

Options so far

Garter Yoke Cardigan

Central Park Hoodie



or any other suggestions?


Kris said...

You've already done Central Park Hoodie, you silly head! Knit something new! :)

LynS said...

I love the garter yoke cardigan (so, what's new?) and would love to see one knitted up. I'm so in awe that you can describe a cardigan - whatever the ply - as 'a little something for myself'.

jp said...

I like Linden. To weigh in with a different opinion.

Cecilia said...

I was actually just thinking I should knit myself another Central Park Hoodie in a different colour because I love my 1st one so much and practically lived it in last winter!

I also love Linden.

missfee said...

mmm that's what I thought Cecilia- the last one shrank so I had to give it to my sister and I thought a black one would be really great addition to the wardrobe.....

still can't decide

lochness said...

I vote for the Linden. :D