Thursday, April 23

hot pink Zara

I am actually wearing a miss fee knitted creation today.

My hot hot pink puffed sleeve cardigan with quite a few buttons missing

I do love this cardie but wonder if it is that flattering - I did try to take a better photo, it just didn't work out quite right. I think perhaps I knitted the body too long when in fact I should of extended the petlum from the waist.
I also noticed that the Zara is piling a bit - shock horror.

So far I have about 7 projects to take to camp with me - a bit much? Plus some hand knitted socks and a shawl to wear - a great opportunity to show off my Pi shawl I think, having workshopped how to wear it the other day in studio. I then had to wrench it out of their hands and whip it off their shoulders, as it was coveted and nearly stolen by the costume and makeup chicks.

Here is cute niece Rory in another miss fee hand knit and handspun.


three buttons said...

Oh la la, lady in pink!

Handsome Steve and I wanted to say a big thank you for joining in on our giveaway!!

I'm started to get anxious about making my quilted furoshiki, I hope it turns out as cute as the one I pictured on my blog!! Eeek!

kms said...

no 7 is not a bit much. im sure of it. and i dont think anything hot pink could ever be unflattering.....