Thursday, April 9

So Sorry

my desk at work

Dear Fellow Knitters,

I am still sick
After dragging my sorry arse to work this morning I struggled through a few conversations, a pile of paperwork and sending the wrong document 2 times - I knew I was sick still. My various bosses kept saying go home so I have.
My voice is like Donna's sexy knitting line, you can but imagine.
So there will be no book to S'n'B tonight and I hope that I am not destined to the couch for the entire weekend. This cold is not at all fun!!!!!

happy knitting and chocolate without me.

I had my hat to show you
another knitting book
my vest, which is making progress due to the confined to couch situation


lochness said...

You know what? I also have a bit of a cold coming on... I was sneezing all through my last teaching class today, and I decided to skip uni to stay in bed for a bit and maybe have a nap...

Hope you get better soon! Rest up and take it easy!

jp said...

Stay home and stay healthy.
We have many opportunities to admire your knitting and drool (no - not drool) gaze at your books.

Rest and feel better soon.

M-H said...

I have emailed you - concerned!!

Anonymous said...

So many people here seem to be ill at the moment but your's really seems to be dragging on. Are you sure you're OK? We missed you at the Preview Night. Recover soon.