Sunday, May 31

Chai, sock, scarf and cough

S.V. went off to Herbies yesterday and like me in a wool shop more than was on the shopping list ended up in the brown shopping bag. The consequence of this was the most delicious cup of Chai - I tweeted about it and a recipe was requested - and now I am opting for the larger format blog to describe the recipe - in one post not 4.

Chai recipe a la Sock Victim

use whole spices (not ground)
- fresh ginger- cinnamon
- cloves -not too many cloves - one or two
- bay leaf
- cardamom pod (green)

Simmer for about 10 min
1/2 milk and 1/2 water
then add tea, simmer for another 10 min
add one spoon of sugar or honey per cup
that is the end
Also you can use black pepper, cassia

Probably should use Indian bay leaves to be authentic but i don't have any
cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger are the only essentials


Then I finished the cashmere scarf for my friend's birthday next weekend - just have to block it now.

And on Friday night I finished the Sock Victim's #15 pair of socks and my Personal Sock Club Socks # 3. Now I am itching to cast on another pair, but what?

This pair had a few firsts- I used Wendy Knits toe-up with with a difference sock with a gusset pattern - the foot appeared really long and although it is a bit firm it fits really well. I also used the sewn cast off - which is the best stretchy cast off I have used to date.
Coraline is finally making some progress

Oh and I am coughing in a delightfully fruity way currently. I am over this sick thing, over a month between runs so I went to the gym yesterday as I was craving a bit of exercise can you believe. I ran for twenty five minutes with one short walk break in between - so I haven 't lost it completely.


Bells said...

thanks for posting that MissFee. I'm going to make some this afternoon I think. I will let you know how it goes.

Get well soon!

ps great socks!

LynS said...

Sorry to hear you're coughing - again. But so productive on the knitting front. Looking forward to seeing the cashmere scarf after blocking - it is so soft and delicate.

Kate said...

Homemade Chai - great! Here's the Badde Manors secret Chai ingredient - Rose Water syrup - the pink version, and lots of freshly grated ginger root.

dr k said...

beautiful knitted things there missfee! hope the knitting and the chai do the trick and you feel all better soon xx

Anna said...

Sorry you're still coughing. If you do happen to find a cure for the coughing, please let me know. Its driving me insane too.