Monday, June 8

Glitter, wool and sausages

One of my dear friends has a significant birthday this week, the party was yesterday, - and after making her daughter a barbie cake a little while back the request came through for one for her birthday. I decided to take it to the next level and make a cake that included all of the family pets and all.

Jeff, aka Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted, is cooking at the kitchen bench making something delicious - with Tom the gold fish watching over.

Grace is in her pink gown is twirling around with Tiger by her side

and Julie is looking divine in a Dior inspired, loosely, outfit. I had way too much fun making this cake, and I was covered in glitter yesterday. Now to plan the cupcakes for my birthday - hint look at the banner on my blog.

Apart from the cough developing into a head cold and all the snot that goes with it - I have been quite productive this weekend

I finished my Coraline on Saturday. I just need to find and sew on buttons - but I haven't taken it off - apart to sleep. I look the worse for wear at the moment - I did wash my hair to go to the party yesterday but I haven't been sleeping properly due to a stuffed nose and this damn cold.

This was the real birthday present for Julie.

The Raha scarf, now also officially finished. I blocked it with my new Kmart matts and bamboo skewers - I am getting my blocking wires this week - hurrah for RoseRed, 1funkyknitwit and Fredastep.

And Matt made sausages. What fun that was, I helped with the stuffing and eating - they went really well - but the texture wasn't quite right - so he is under orders to perfect his technique.

I am about to start my second ball for the garter stitch cardigan - finally. I am really happy with the progress and the yarn - although I went up a needle size - to a 5mm as the 4.5mm was too tight for the gauge given. I tried it on and it seems to be the right size - phew. Love love love the cascade - so nice and smooth to knit with.

Tom and Po are growing and getting more chilled everyday - there are less scratches and more cuddles -we are quite smitten with them. I am sure that is very obvious.

Last but not least is the next installment for my sock club. But I am stumped as to what to knit. I was going to make Nutkin or Primavera but the colours are quite strong and I am not sure if the pattern will be lost in the colour. Perhaps I need to just knit a plain pair of socks.


Rose Red said...

wow! Look at all that knitting and baking and cooking!! Can't believe you have finished Coraline already - you knitting speed demon! It looks great!

And the cakes - OMG fantastic!!! I'd like a Patrick D doll...except lifesized, please!

And hope you are feeling better now, it sucks to be sick.

kgirl said...

ha, those cakes are fantastic!!!

You have been a knitting machine, girl - watch at you go! Coraline looks perfect and the colour is just right.

hope you're on the mend from the cold

Anonymous said...

Strong colours, plainish pattern -have you tried the arch-shaped stockings? fast, fun, easy and funky on the foot :)

LynS said...

Fee - so productive; so creative. I hope to see Coraline soon. What about a severe Nancy Bush pattern for the socks? (just pushing my own tastes here).

Hope the cold is clearing up

jp said...

Loving the cashmere scarf and the cardi (As well as all the baking and cat love!)

Jejune said...

My god, that cake extravaganza is stupendous! What fun!

Kitties! Awwwwww :) Gawjus knitting too!

Hope you're on the mend quick like a bunny!

Kristen said...

That cake is amazing!

Your Coraline looks great, the orange really suits you.

BTW I have tagged your blog for 'meme' (see my blog for questions), if its not your thing then no worries just ignore:)