Sunday, August 23

Baby Surprises

I finished both of these classic Elizabeth Zimmerman baby jackets in the last few weeks and posted them off yesterday. Two work colleagues are having/ had babies within a month of each other. One is the eighth child and the other the third.

The pink FBS is for a little girl. It is knitted out of some pink 8ply that Bex gave me a while back - I love the intensity of this pink. It was a 200gram ball and I used a bit over 120grams.

Tom decided to model the jacket for us here at home - I am not sure whether or not he likes the colour - but we will never know as he can't tell us. I would also like to say I gave the top a REALLY good wash before sending it off!!!!

The Baby surprise is for an unknown little person. I knitted it in The new Morris and Sons Empire yarn in 8 ply - it took just over 2 balls - which was slightly annoying as I had to purchase 3 balls - and what do I do with the bit remaining?

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