Friday, September 25

1847kms in a week

setting off with the springtime bandit - I finished it on Tuesday

I couldn't believe it when I dropped off the car this morning and saw how far we had driven. I knew we had gone far but not that far.

The purpose of the trip was for a friend's birthday in Beechworth last Saturday night and the holiday sort of grew from there. I knitted these socks for Jane and she loved them!!!! Noro yarn with a Wendy knits pattern - basic one - it really shows off the yarn so well - I am loving the plain all about the yarn socks at the moment.

birthday socks on bed waiting for birthday girl

The first hurdle was the car - after finding out when putting the car in for a service that not only it wouldn't make it but that it might catch on fire if we drove it too much. So no service and that money was put towards a car hire - or extended test drive however you would like to view it.

We packed our bags up on Thursday night and headed off Friday really early, 5.45am is early yeah? - I am going to warn you this is mainly going to be about food and yarn so if not your cup of tea and you don't like meat perhaps tune into another station for this post.

Breakfast was at the Paragon in Goulbourn - an old family favorite from way back S.V. nearly but didn't have the lambs fry and bacon - next time I am sure he will. There was chips with everything!!!

We drove on to Gundagai for sandwiches and (bad)tea then pushed onto Wangaratta to the A.C.S. Mill shop where I got a bit carried away in the sale sock yarn section.

very big bag of yarn- and I made the picture smaller as I am so embarrassed!

Then we wound our way to Beechworth via the Millawa Cheese factory for cheese and then the Amutet winery for wine and cider.

kitten at beechworth house - we find kittens everywhere now

We had booked ourselves a fancy diner at the next hot thing in Beechworth Provenance which was pretty good and had a really great bottle of wine from Spain. Currently we are on a sherry bent - and had quite a few good ones from Pennyweight but more on that later. It was quite a bit night after a long drive so getting up the next day was not that easy.

Having detoured via the Ardent Alpaca where my allergy is about to be tested as I just could not resist some of the yarn!!!! - more yarn no pictures sorry......

By the time we got going, out of the wool shop, searching for breakfast we came across Warden's and made it a lunch.

This soon became one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. We had tripe Italian style and pork terrine with a sherry to warm us up. There were only two other tables there and we were the first to arrive and the last to leave. We moved onto some delicious pasta and salad, and more wine, and then desert with a white port for the pannacotta and a heavier something for the torte. Then I had a short black with grappa - and S.V. had this amazing eau de vin that also had a long amazing tale to match. I will have to find out more and post on that later I think.

Still going on Saturday we had a nap and then headed out for dinner at the pub - more fine wine and yarns(the talking kind) with the Melbourne folk we staggered off to bed.

Sunday we all met for breakfast, packed up and then S.V. and I walked from town to Pennyweight winery which was also spectacular. We pretty much tried everything they had - walked off with a box - well we picked that up later - and the promise of a larger order when back home - they do free delivery!!!

A slower walk back into town and a lighter lunch form Wardens we then headed off to Khancoban to pick up chains and a sleep before an early morning drive over the Snowy Mountains. We were really lucky with the weather as the following night it snowed. So no need for chains at all!

snow on the mountains

Up early and over the mountain it is one of the most beautiful drives in Australia I think.

Lunch in Jindabyne and then a detour to Past times wool and wheel shop in Cooma. We test drove a few wheels some more yarn fell into my bag - I did pay for it! Then we turned to the left down to the sea.

For most of the trip we listened to all of the Beatles albums, which have just been re released in mono and stereo, and here is Traffic light at a traffic light in the middle of nowhere for some reason or other - there was no roadworks or anything!!

We picked up maps and supplies in Eden - very friendly ladies at the tourist info centre. Then headed further south to the Green Cape Lighthouse for a night. I am now at a loss for words as it was so beautiful.

you are given the key to the lighthouse when you stay there!!! How cool is that

The next day we had a special guided tour of the light house with really great informed interesting history of the place and conditions that the lighthouse keepers worked under. I am amazed and in awe. We sighted lots of water blows from the whales on the horizon but they weren't close enough to see. We missed out on going on the boat to see them up close as on the next day was really bad- cue dust storms up and down the coast and then yesterday we were coming back and there were too many people with the same idea. There was a note on the boat 24 passengers and we counted 30 people waiting to get on - our cue to hit the road.

The following day we went for a long walk in the national park

gorgeous bush walking views

- and then had a rest day staying in Boyd Town - with more interesting history of megalomaniacs of the 1800s.

my view in Boyd Town where I sat and knitted for most of on afternoon

Yesterday saw a drive back up the coast, after missing out on whales, via the Ulludulla wool shop - more wool and I nearly bought the shop - it is for sale and for a few hours were where seriously tempted. Lunch in Berry then home to a house full of red dust - a long clean up and collapse into bed followed.

Eden where we didn't go whale watching

S.V.'s wish for orange cats came true as their white bits were orange and baths are being threatened.

tom the cranky cat by the S.V.


LynS said...

Wonderful, Fee. Aren't road trips (and the consequent food and wine and yarn) wonderful? And I love the mention of nineteenth century megalomaniacs - Australia really seemed to specialise in them.

Rose Red said...

Wow - what a wonderful trip, thank you for sharing it all with us!

Kristen said...

Sounds and looks like a great holiday. Love the idea of staying at the lighthouse.

dr k said...

great trip! i so love that far south coast, nothing quite like it. certainly prime crazy megalomaniac territory! and i totally want to go to wardens now. let alone see all that wool you brought :)