Friday, October 16

the aftermath

of knitting a shawl in 48 hours is

  • embarrassment
  • drunkenness - at knitting last night as the speed of the shawl was also due to the illness and imposed dry spell of over a week
  • that I went 12 hours before picking up another project
  • the rediscovering of plain knitting and socks - and that this is quite comforting after all that lace
  • and the desire to knit triangles

before - the after photo is for tomorrows post

and today is the day of the motorised cup holder collection - I am excited!!!!


Rose Red said...

Oh the cup holder on wheels looks SO COOL! Will we be able to admire it tomorrow? And smell that delicious new car smell? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

LynS said...

Remember - after the second bottle is popped, what's said at knitting stays at knitting.