Thursday, October 8


Inspired by Lyn and others I am to confess of a yarn purchase, I am not brave enough to blog what I really buy every month as I am sure I am still in denial about the actual amount I purchase.

I have been bitten by the Zauberball bug and I bought not one but two last week they arrived yesterday

these some of the socks I have started in the last week - I have also been bitten by startitis bug

By now you must all of realised that socks are a a chronic illness in my life

Just to prove the point some one fat slug yarn also now starting to be socks

Trilobite socks from Wendy Knits Toe up book

I just went to link to her book and found she has a new one coming out soon

And last but not least here I am nupping away on my Swallowtails shawl - shawl flu is now lace virus as I pore daily over Victorian Lace Today, pet my Knitabulous silk yarn and dream of knitting a larger lace project......


Lien said...

Good luck with the nupps. I hate them and don't know what their purpose in life is. Otherwise, the swallowtail is quite an easy knit!You should also check out Estonian Lace book for more shawl ideas.

LynS said...

The black white and grey Zauberball looks wonderful. Great for socks, but I can also think of lots of other uses - Baktus for instance.

dr k said...

oh but i just got her first book! and i love my zauberballs so much sometimes i just play with them for fun. im not sure i can bring myself to knit them!