Thursday, October 1

blogging bloggin all the time

Well that is going to be me for the month - my personal challenge is a picture a day - as words sometimes are a bit much
this is not my first real post - as there are no pictures - so stay tuned for the first day of the month

Thanks to Tinnie and Bellsknits and Ness for the inspiration


LynS said...

I'm so delighted by having all these Blogtoberfest bloggers to read each day. I think I'm going to be kept almost as busy as a reader - reading and commenting.

sue said...

I joined in too and I look forward to seeing your daily pics. Yes I agree with Lyn, it will be nice to have lots to read and look at each day.

jp said...

Yay! Lots of reading (as well as the writing).

Can't wait for the variety