Tuesday, October 27

Confessions of a yarn addict

here are the finished socks for sock victim, as I put them on the sock blockers I found a dropped stitch.

in all my excitement of knitting them I dropped I stitch!!! Oh well I can just pick it up and sew it in.

I am warming you up here with photos of finished items - to lessen the upcoming flash of yarn. Here is my last triangle blocking - and it has been worn so much it needs another block.

I am not one for flashing my stash - unless in large indistinguishable bags so the real effect of damage done is not obvious, guilty as charged.

But the last week I scored some pretty special yarn and Sock Victim went into a yarn shop (Wool Addiction) on Saturday and chose his own for a change. So I thought some photos were in order.

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn
Then some Filatura di Crosa Mazime Print both are destined to be socks for the Sock Victim

But best til last. Some Rohrspatz Wollmeise from a destash on Ravelry in Herzblut. This is possibly going to be a summer top. But first I am going to drool, sniff, snuggle and sleep with it.

I hope that wasn't too much information

and any suggestions for the said top would be most appreciated I am overcome with wool fumes at the moment and can't think straight


Rose Red said...

O Noes! A dropped stitch! How did that happen!!

Clearly you were distracted by the thoughts of incoming Wollmeise!! It is just the best red! I think you should do Elvira, it would look so good!

Gidgetknits said...

Oh, the gorgeous Herzblut!! That is definitely stash that should be flashed! The triangle is cute, too.

Virginia said...

Ooh, pretty yarn. I totally understand the desire to snuggle with it.

Your FOs are beautiful too!