Monday, October 5

on time at knit camp.....

there was some drinking and some knitting

There was excellent company good - from the Left - Alison the yoga guru of the weekend, K1 below expert Jenny, Catherine and Kris her shoes only

at night it was dark

Once again Kris proved what a legend she is - wowing the knitters there with new techniques and worlds on the internet

here she is on Saturday at our sock class

this is our class of sock knitters - they master
ed socks on two circulars cuff down and toe up in one day!!!!

here is Kris teaching socks to Michelle and Joan

there was scrumble knitting....

Prudence Mapstone

sample of a photo and the knitting sample from Prudence - she is one very cleaver amazing generous knitter

amazing archive material

cats and mice chasing each other

here I am at dinner on Saturday

I did have a great time but I was most glad to be home again with kittens and the Sock Victim.

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