Saturday, October 24


We took our new Waffles on a road trip today

Heading south for a birthday lunch at a great pub with some fantastic company

Of course we stopped by for souvenirs and that would be sock yarn

I only have one photo of the birthday girl with Bells and Georgie in the background, there is no photo of this famous knitter to be had here as I was having too much fun chatting, eating, drinking and knitting to get out the camera!!!

Here is the small bag I made KMS with the pair inside. I should of made a pair of pair bags!!! Instead I put some yarn inside.


kms said...

soo much fun and i looooove the pears, thank you so much xx

Rose Red said...

Oh, I wish I'd had time to stop at Wool Addiction!! Love that store!

Bells said...

I think another trip to the Sthn Highlands is required down the track for Wool Addiction shopping!

Fab to see you today Miss Fee. The pear bag is so gorgeous!

knitabulous said...

Gorgeous little pear bag, the detail on the inside is just so cute!

It all looks so deliciously Victorian Garden Party-ish.

LynS said...

Sound like a perfect day - new car (Waffles - what fun), new wool, friends, and, I imagine, much knitting.

Kristen said...

Looks like a fun day. How good is wool addiction! A whole house full of yarn....doesn't get any better:)