Friday, October 30

The Three Teds

I think it was when I was born I got this Jakas teddy.  The Jakas company ran from I think the early 1960s until the late 1980's.  This little white teddy was my teddy whom I loved a lot.

This photo is me May 1973 so I was 3 and 3/4. That is one very short dress! And I was rather fond of my dummy, most pictures show me with it as a child until about 5.

On a car trip from Sydney back to Canberra my bear was lost - I have never been told the whole story but it got lost somewhere somehow.

The white teddy left was the replacement for this first.  He in turn was loved, cherished and then knitted for - my first knitting was for my white teddy.  

As you may know I work with famous bears.  

Big Ted is a Jakas bear too.  

Last year I had the honour of meeting Marion Stamford, who ran the company with her husband.  Now she is an expert teddy bear restorer.  She rang and said she had some Big Ted material left over and would we like some (shhhhh) spares.  As well as some of those interlopers (I got one!!!) the real Big Ted went for a nip, tuck and wash.  It is so funny only recently, 9 months later, are some of the crew and presenters realising that he is both cleaner and firmer.  We noticed it straight away as his clothes were a bit firmer, and he was a whole lot brighter.

Anyway I spoke to Marion regarding my 2rd  white Ted as he was getting a bit soft in his old age.  I took him for a nip, tuck and wash too.  When I was there I told her my sad losing the teddy story and she pulled out a basket of small teddies - and I said yes that was the one.  Well Marion gave me the little pink teddy and I was in tears.  

Marion also showed us her amazing before and after book of restorations.  She is a genius - she takes apart the toy, stabilises the fabric on linen, washes it and after putting it back together re-stuffs it.  

Well that my friends is the tale of the three Teds.......


Bells said...

the idea of Big Ted having a nip and tuck is hilarious and wonderful!

And you were dead cute as a little girl!

Kristen said...

Great story!

How old is Big Ted now?

Kebeni said...

Thanks for the Bear tale. I chose a small Yellow Jakas Bear for my brother when he was born and he is lovely. I ate the fur off my teddy and he eventually met his end, but I had the music box out of him for a long time. I suspect my mother eventually threw it out as with many things LOL