Wednesday, November 18

of houses and such

I want a house like this - it is so amazing - it is from a series of tiny houses designed in the states - this is the most modern looking of all the houses - I really like the ingenious use of space in all of the houses.  It really makes you think about how much space you really need as is discussed over here where I found the houses yesterday


Virginia said...

I've been seriously obsessed with these:

They look like little hobbit houses. I so very badly want one.

kms said...

that is totally cool. and perched on a cliff over looking the pacific. perfect!

M-H said...

No, Sorry. Where would you put your stash? I like more spaces. Not a lot, just a quiet study space and a space to be creative away from the computer and a space to relax and watch TV and listen to music. In that wee house there would be no space to be alone unless you shut doors, and I don't like shutting doors. Of course, if you lived alone, that would be fine; but for two - it's not for me.