Saturday, December 5

What a week

ABC3 launch was last night and I got to partake in the champagne and glitter cannons.  I am still a bit dizzy from the champagne.

K.Rudd was there and I was within 2 m of him woohoo.  Mind you standing next to Alex Papps for the evening was more of an honour.  Alex went up to Kevin said hi and wished him well in Copenhagen - not letting him off the hook at all.  Kevin also sang the opening title to Play School and we got some great mentions throughout the night.

Today is our Knitting groups Xmas tea party - I have my frock and a very special hat to wear although I draw the line at heels - as I don't own any.

But here is my made decoration with some very special yarn - does anyone recognise it?  If you are coming and want it badly pick the orange box with a glittery green tissue bow

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kms said...

yay for abc3. and i always did think alex papps was kind of groovy! hope yesterday was a treat!