Wednesday, December 30

Xmas 2009

can we just open presents yet aunty fee?

Was the year I decided to knit everyone (in my family) socks for Xmas - not that long ago actually.  When it came to the niece and nephew I thought socks would be a bit blah so dogs it was instead.

We had a great day and I forgot to take photos after the delicious lunch was served.  S.V. and I were up from 6am cooking and preparing for a 12.30 lunch.  One sister who flew off to India that night was running a bit late - understandably, and little peoples were soothed with hot chocolate from the Glasshouse cafe.  It is so odd that more and more shops are open on Xmas day.

We had turkey, ham, potato salad, pumpkin and green beans, followed by flaming xmas pudding - there are photos somewhere, ice cream cake, brandy butter, almond bikkies and mince pies- mince from last year still tastes delicious.  The pudding was another success and this year I soaked the fruit for 24hours in spanish brandy.

pudding construction, almond bikkies and tetras fridge
We have been eating leftovers since and about ready to make some more left overs for New Years Eve.  We have some very special guests coming over!!!!!


Kris said...


Rose Red said...

So mean, aunty Fee, making the little people wait to open presents!! Tee hee!

Look at all those socks, and the little doggies too - very cute!

And love the tetris fridge!! That's what ours was like too (although I think yours was even more packed than ours!)

Dr K said...

oh well done! very impressive, the knitting and the food! have a great new year celebration too xx

Virginia said...

The socks look awesome, and your retelling of your menu is making me very hungry.