Monday, January 18

holiday feats

On my third day in Melbourne and I have already lost track of time.

We had a great drive down on Friday with wonderful snacks packed by the sock victim.  I finished the first pair of socks of 2010 in the car - they are regia cotton socks and go perfectly with his new birkenstocks.  The recommended needle size is 2.5mm but it was quite loose and the 2.25mm was perfect.  I am hooked on Wendy knits' toe up with gusset currently for plain socks it goes so fast and doesn't disrupt the colour pattern much at all.

Friday night saw some changes to our original plans and we ended up at the The Commoner in Fitzroy for dinner.  I had steak tartar and a wonderful salad of roast vegetables, S.V. had liver and was most happy.  We passed a great night in Yarraville catching up with wonderful friends.

Saturday Breakfast was at Batch up the road from where we moved to on Saturday.  We diverted from the recommended breakfast of fruit toast but we were not disappointed at all- I am plotting a trip there this morning for the toast.(see below)  After checking out the closing sale at Hudson over the road we went home for a rather long nap.

This was in preparation for dinner at Momo.  It started with the lift ride down - the lights went out and a small window of jars and objects alighted from behind a window that appeared in the wall of the lift.  The doors opened onto an alladans cave of wonder.  The occasion was the 40th of my S.I.L. and we had the most amazing night.  We had a set menu which included the signature dish of veiled quail - amazing.  The company and food was fantastic and it was 1am before we knew it!!!!

Considering this Sunday was a bit of a slow start, this running caper is addictive and I found myself craving a run - I did a loop down to the bay south from St Kilda and back through Elwood - what a cute suburb.  S.V. then went for a swim at Albert Park, I am keen to try this out too this week.

Brunch was on the other side of town in Brunswick at 'A Minor Place' which apart from the long long wait was great.  We visited our friends house up the road, picked some apricots from their tree and headed back south again.

After a short nap we headed over to dinner at the Parental unit's house,  this is the affectionate name that all the siblings in S.V.'s family refer to their parents and it is quite catching.  My F.I.L. had prepared a wonderful meat feast - knowing S.V. tastes and guess where they came from!!!!.  We had an entree of a terrine, roast pork, roast beef, coucous and vegetables.  This was followed by a delicious apple cake - known as Bronia's apple cake S.V. grandmother's recipe.  

Needless to say we are a bit full.  I forgot that we have brunch this morning at the Galleon in St Kilda.  I have been going to this cafe since one of my first trips to Melbourne in 1987. Now to squeeze into some clothes....


Rose Red said...

So many wonderful eating experiences!! My mouth is watering right now...but I'm afraid my fridge is almost bare :-(

Glad you are having a fab time!

LynS said...

What? No yarn yet? Couldn't you have squeezed it in somewhere between eating?

Nevertheless, it all sounds like great fun. I'm very envious. Keep enjoying yourselves!

Andrea said...

Hope you're having a great time down here: you're seeing more of Melbourne in three days than I have in the last year!