Monday, February 8

i am seriously not eating for the rest of the year

after the last week I am taking this advice seriously.....

but first I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and thoughts - I am not sure what is happening at the moment but I am just taking each day as it comes. Sadly the blog has suffered but I am knitting and still going about most things.

(after I last spoke we kept going during our trip in Melbourne and after reading this I was so embarrassed and amazed at how much we did and ate I wasn't going to post it but after discussion at knitting on Thursday I was encouraged to here goes -)

Monday night in Yarraville with friend for a most delicious dinner of Rabbit and English cider.  Apparently these are about $6 each at Footscray markets.

Tuesday dinner after a great day in Baccas Marsh catching up with friends in their new holiday house which is very cool.  We had dinner in the city at Cumulus inc. for a dinner with my newly minted Dr S.I.L. who was in the midst of her first week of work and like us very tired.  This eating caper does wear one out.

Wednesday I had a great day with Gusseting looking at Art, shoes, fondling yarn and drinking coffee
Dinner was at Cicciolina again amazing.

You might be getting the picture here - a lot of food.  We kept going

I caught the train up to Bendigo on Thursday and met the gorgeous Annie, 9 months, and caught up with her Mum and brother and some fabulous Bendigo knitters.  I should also mention that the mill did get a visit too. All of the Bendigo knitters were so welcoming and I bored them stupid with work stories.  I napped on the train on the way back and caught a tram to La Luna where I met the most amazing Adrian Richardson - who regaled us with talk of his new prosciutto  press, yum, and garage at home to cook in.  I had the pork loin with too much great Shiraz and it was amazing.

Would you have stopped at this point, not us.  A drive to Healseville to meet another new addition to the world Evelyn is 3 months old and really really cute.  Then a drive through the rejuvenating bush, and some still scary vistas from last year.  We headed to Beechworth, via A.C.S. at Wangaratta,  for another amazing dinner at Wardens.  As we drove up the highway the temperature outside reached 44.5 degrees C wow but the great car kept us cool.

We spent yesterday checking out wineries and have enough wine to drink one bottle a week for the next year. including  Pennyweight, Jones and Scion

WOW 50 bottles of wine now under the house and the best part of 5 kilos of wool - I am evil and did make others partake in this haul, later we are back home enjoying some great roses.

I met Adrian Richardson

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