Sunday, March 7

Apples in Orange

Last weekend S.V. and I went on a road adventure to Orange.  This is about 4 hours west over the Blue Mountains.  We went to visit a dear friend who has moved out there where she grew up.
I had heard but now have solid proof that there is food in them there hills and paddocks.  Delicious food, wine and cider - that we found this time.

We left after lunch on Saturday had quite a good run once over the hill - from Blackheath the traffic smoothed out.  After popping by for tea we checked into a quite pleasant accommodation - and not to expensive.  The strange thing was you could watch the pool on TV from the comfort of your bed in your room - go figure?

Dinner was at the Union Bank -a delicious G&T, cider and a meat plate, local wine and steak followed by desert wine and dessert.  Done in I was - and the moon was huge.

We meandered back home and fell into the comfortable bed.  Up early the next day - I am always up early regardless of bed time, I went on another visit - with tea and papers.
S.V. packed and I picked him up and we headed out to the Cider place, who made the cider we drank the night before, and then to a winery, and then the orchard.  We had been buying fruit from Thornbrook Orchards, 939 Nashdale Lane, Nashdale) all of last year at the Everleigh markets but the kids whom had been coming with the fruit had both got jobs in the local mine - so since December no one had been coming to Sydney.  I had the card rang Arthur and made a date,  we pick apples ourselves, met chooks and pigeons - show ones, and bought grapes, peaches, plums, nectarines and figs!!!!
chooks and show pigeons

Then a quick fruit drop off in Orange, a drive up the hill and another stop half way down.  My mum and sister have been building houses at Woodford.  Mum just moved in last week and George (my sister) moves in next week(if you are on facebook check it out).  We have a look around the houses - amazing construction and designs,  some tea and cake before heading back to the kittens and the inner west.
my niece's mice - they move real fast!!

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DrK said...

orange is a terrific place, so much great local produce. and how cool that you got to see the origins of the stuff you buy in the big smoke!