Sunday, May 23

giving in

Ok I am giving in - the vest hood is not working - so I rang up to say, not ask, that the option was going to be the plain neck.  My sister then asked Aurelia if this was ok - she was not happy and I tried suggesting a hat as well - I think I will let it sit for a day and see how feel about sorting out the hood then.  It was just way too small and didn't fit onto the neck.  The instructions said to knit it separately and then sew it on - I think I may go back to my Central Park Hoodie instructions and see how that was done.

So I am now going to cast on a winter item for me - Rosamund's Cardigan 

I have some Grey Cascade from my trip via Bathurst the other week.  But I think I might get gauge with some Bendigo in dark grey - so I am swatching tonight.

I am also hankering for a citrus shawl - I did cast on one a while ago but the yarn didn't agree with me - again I have either a cone of red Bendigo or some Malabrigo Lace - I may go for the treat of the lace.

After finishing Ene's scarf I am also keen to get my teeth into another larger lace project - so I am going to try Percy - in some black merino silk I also got from Bathurst.

I visited the Bathurst wool shop The Wool Club a few weeks ago on my way back from Orange.  I made the S.V. detour and get there before the shop closed at 3.30pm.  
As I entered I basically squealed as I came across the each of the wonderful yarns as they presented themselves to me.  The lovely lady behind the counter kept knitting and didn't seem to notice or care at my odd behaviour.  S.V. thought this most peculiar - but I guess this happens a lot.

I did not leave empty handed - enough Grey Cascade 220 , some Smooshy in Black Pearl, some red Sealing Wax malabrigo lace,  Fiddlesticks Knitting Exquisite a gorgeous black silk
and merino lace and some lorna's lace Sheperd Sock in Pin Strip to replace the one I lost the week before.


Anonymous said...

i loooooove that cardigan pattern, perfect for you. and i cant believe there is an actual yarn store in bathurst stocking all that. i must go there. now.

jp said...

I love that cardigan. Very Fi.

We need some instant transport to Bathurst for wool shopping. I am with drk.

Virginia said...

I really really need to go to a yarn shop and spend some money. *NEED*

Kris said...

Did you cast off the neck stitches? Just undo it and make them live, then keep knitting. When you get it long enough, fold in half and graft together. That's how I did the one for my brother and it works fine.