Friday, May 7

hugs for my feet and other made things

hugs for my feet - I made these heart socks ages ago and they are my first socks for this winter.  The little heart on the top of the foot sits perfectly in the open bit of my birkenstock clogs

So a little while back I thought I want a frock - and looking around the shops gave me no joy.  So I pulled out the japanese books I have been secretly collecting and picked a pattern
that is the easiest bit - then there is the desiphering, drafting, adding of seam allowance and then the cutting and sewing.  Well actually this dress has 4 main pieces not counting  some interfacing on the neck.  So I made two.  In one night - actually took very little time.  I made the floral one and thought actually I'd wear a black one more so I cut out and made another right away.

this is the floral one - it is quite light and more summery
this is the black one - which I am wearing today.  It is linen with a bit of stretch in it.  I am thinking of making another in a red linen next.

Another finished project that has been mulling over in my head for ages.  Ishbel beret in zarina - love this pattern and the yarn.  I am now keen to knit another Ishbel scarf.

as it is so dark the arty shots work best I think.....

My niece is getting a hooded vest for winter.

I have broken out the gorgeous Knitabulous yarn for a Ene's shawl

And I am test knitting Olatz written instructions - I realise that I really prefer charts after this.  This is The Sanguine Gryphon skinny bugga in cow killer colourway.  Love that name - Cow killer!!!


Rose Red said...

So many lovely things!!

Red socks go faster! Love that the heart shows in your shoes, that is very cool.

And I love those frocks - very versatile.

And Olatz - I saw that in your projects the other day and immediately queued it, looking forward to seeing the FO.

LynS said...

OK, how to choose what to comment on - so many goodies. Like RoseRed I love the red socks - you can never have too many pairs. The black dress is great. Very you. Red would also be wonderful. And I've seen the Ishbel beret - very versatile - you can wear it in so many ways. And I just know all the other things will be finished before I've even properly registered you're knitting them.

Anonymous said...

those dresses are magnificent fee. i cant believe they only took you one night. i have been contemplating an ishbel hat too...i have some lovely grey many beautiful things, so little time!

Alrischa said...

That blue Knitabulous is so very pretty! I really need to win the lotto... sigh :D

Ruby Girl said...

Nice red heart socks, and the dresses look pretty and comfortable design.