Sunday, May 2

now we are six

Gracie my dear friend is 6 tomorrow

and today she is having disco science party

there are mad scientists and disco balls
this year I had a brief - I drew as the image was dictated and then Gracie coloured it in 

and once again I am making a cake

the coloured icing balls 
a sneak peak at the frock 
po can't decide if he is pc or mac


Rose Red said...

The frock looks just amazing! You are such a clever clogs!

And I love the photo of Po and his indecision!

Ruby Girl said...

The cake is going to look great. What a lucky girl to have someone like you to make great cakes for her birthday.

Jan said...

I think I'll be six now for ever and ever. What a pity she can't be with that lovely cake.

Anonymous said...

mmmm a fee cake! hope she had a blast, and we get pictures of the finished objects!

1funkyknitwit said...

I'm luv'n the cake :D ~ your little friend is going to love it!