Wednesday, June 23


of a serial leave-it-in-drafts poster

so I went through and cleaned up my additional posts that had never been posted.

The competition is - can you guess when we get to 900.  We are close but not as close as I thought.

I guess it could be in the next few weeks to give you a hint - especially if I post more than once a day and continue with my one every day habit for a while.

I am going to work out prizes later this week


jp said...

Now you are making me think how many unposted items I have....interesting.

Rose Red said...

hmmmm...I guess 10 July!

LynS said...

Maybe July 7.

I cleaned up all my draft posts when I realised I was nearing the 200 mark. Interesting the posts you begin and then either get distracted from or have second thoughts about.