Thursday, June 3

Keeping up with the knitters

or how to throw down the knitted glove.....

I need to keep up with my monthly tallies - as inspired by Jody over here 
read the comments as LynS in onto it as well - will it appear on her blog too? - come on Bells join in the fun - and Rosered you could count clothes changed due to offspring's bodily functions

as of last night the tally is as follows
cat let in front door 6 - this cat is Tom I must add - Po is very happy using the back door or cat flap
rows knitted 8
boxes packed 6 - no progress from weekend


Rose Red said...

Heh, I just did a load of washing because Connor is almost out of clothes - after about 5 changes yesterday alone!!

jp said...

I am wondering if we should take a pool on the number of times the cat comes through the door.

He is so finding that door in the new house.