Friday, July 2


I did it 
having a bath

I finished Percy and he is now having a bath - me too in a moment

unblocked percy

There were tweets from early this morning stating the progress as the day progressed

all that is left and the life line

I finished the nupps by lunch and then kept going....

what is this stuff in here?
yum yum water
warm heater warm lap
warm lap bit of knitting
I was entertained by Po all day - on my lap, playing with water etc

thanks for the bubbles last night at knitting Lyns and Sue!!!!


Rose Red said...

I knew you could do it! Huzzah Miss Fee!

LynS said...

What an extraordinary achievement! You really must have knitted like the wind today. Looking forward to seeing it all blocked and beautiful.

kgirl said...

Don't you love that moment when you realise "I could finish this today!"? Well done :D