Thursday, July 15

house house house and dishwasher too

my dishwasher!!!
empty living room
we have a stain glass window in the living room
front of house
and front of house - lots of plants

So after yoga this morning I went to do our pre settlement inspection.  The house was better than we remembered - as one friend said you try on shoes and clothes for longer than you look at a house.  I had been a total of 3 times and S.V. 4 times before we bought it and since then we haven't been inside.
So today we were a bit nervous that it wouldn't be as we had remembered.  It was better, although we are more keen to redo the kitchen than we had been before.  

We spent the hour chatting the the real estate agent - he is a dude if they can be - well he is.  As it turns out he knows lots of people we do and is a Canberra boy from way back.

I have also just heard we are home owners -weee - off to get the key and roll around on the floor before all the bits move in


p.s. I will be sorting out the competition in then next week after the move and when the internets is on as after Saturday I will be only on my phone


Rose Red said...

Hurrah and congratulations! How exciting it is!

When we got the keys to both our houses (not at the same time obviously, our old house and our new house) we had a picnic on the floor in the loungeroom. It was tops!

Yay for Mr Dishy! I think it's an Asko? That's what we have and I LOVE it (have I mentioned that before!!). Also love the stained glass window, lovely feature.

Looking forward to visiting when you are settled in!

Vintage Grrl said...


It looks great! :D

Yay for new houses!

Ruby Girl said...

Congratulations on your own home. It will be great to be able to make it your own space.