Friday, July 16

why wearing birkensock

This just arrived via email - choice use of words there

Dear customer,

Why wearing Birkenstock? Here are at least 5 good reasons that will make you become weak:
Birkenstock relaxes and supports your feet, while keeping your muscles fit at every single step
Birkenstock is not only a great footwear, but also a long lasting and loyal friend for a life long
Birkenstock stands for an excellent selection of natural and renewable materials and manufacturing
Birkenstock isn't only trendy & fashionable, but also classic and elegant
Birkenstock keeps your feet in a good health, thus thanks to an optimal footbed which enables a freedom of the movement but also an adequate climate around your feet

If you buy them, you will love them !
Here is an excerpt of a couple of models, currently reduced (offer available until July 31st 2010). We wish you fun shopping on our shop!

Your Newsletter Team

and we do love them in this house!!

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