Friday, October 29


last night I had the great opportunity to see the play Our Town put on by the STC

Having studied theatre I did see quite a bit when I was at Uni (or that cultural sausage factory as we call it).  this carried over when I bought subscriptions to Belvoir St for a few years running and even the opera for a year.

I found that most times I would go and be disappointed.

Last night I went with no expectation and I had such a great time.  I was transported by the actors and the setting.  The costumes and scenery were understated and very powerful.  I loved the restrained look until the final act when the detail only accentuated the loss and grief of the dead.

Then time passed very quickly and after the first act I was anticipating something to go wrong in these people's lives, as it unfolded in the 2nd and 3rd act it was only through the act of living that something went wrong.  This in itself was so powerful.

I was heartened and inspired, perhaps there is hope for the arts in this country.

Susan Prior was top notch and every bit as good as I remembered from when she was studying at NIDA nearly 20 years ago.  Such a powerful actor - with the ability to transport you with a look - from such a distance.

Wow I think I may try out this theatre experience again soon.


M-H said...

We go to Sydney Theatre a lot, although it's getting quite expensive and we have cut down to five plays next year. Belvoir is really good too - they have some terrific stuff coming up next year and we will book in for a couple of those too.

Kate said...

I was also won over by the subtlety of this play - it had a delicacy of content missing from more recent blockbuster dramas. Unfortunately at the end of a 10 week season it is wearing a bit thin but that's through overexposure.