Sunday, October 31

done dusted and some progress (or castonitis in action)

Damson mark 3 is finished or Campari and soda as I have named it.

This was my second wollmeise scarf project this year and once again the yarn was a delight to knit with.  although there is one pull in the yarn in the middle somewhere but I am sure that in time it will fade or not be noticed.

Project details 
Pattern - Damson by Ysolda 
Yarn - Wollmeise Twin 80/20 colour way Campari piccolo
Size - as written
Needles - 4mm
This one was just over 2 weeks to knit 

Then there has been a small amount of progress on my cooks river socks

I cast on Georgia last night - the tart sock arrived on Thursday and I just could not resisit

langishing is my Audrey but hope to make some more progress soon

The garden is thriving and I had a play in there today

thanks so much for coming along for the ride this month - I had fun and apart from one day - which I made up for - I posted every day - sometimes up to 3 times
I suppose there was alot to say this month


LynS said...

Thanks so much for your (at least) daily posts - I've enjoyed them.

Rose Red said...

oooh, the campari damson is just GORGEOUS! and I'm loving the wavy Cooks River socks! And TWO cardigans on the go, you naughty! heh!

Yoga Knitdra said...

Love, love, Love the Damson in Campari! Yes, I guess you have some knitting to get in before you change roles - like you needed an excuse really!

drkknits said...

its been a big month hasnt it! two cardigans, bad girl! but who can resist such lovely colours. the damson is gorgeous, great name!