Wednesday, October 27

out with the old

I remember now why I was keeping all of this - for the craft book.  Well that got 'forgotten' by the new management - so after much discussion with my assistant on Monday we had a huge clean out.  Our other colleague came in to work yesterday and had the same feeling we did - more space and air to create new ideas and thoughts.

it is so funny as there is decoration from the trolleys all over the very bloke oriented staging area at the moment.
I'll try for some photos tomorrow.....

and don't worry a lot of it went to the childcare next door and lots of little people around.  We just don't need it - as who wants to see tatty cardboard 10 times over - not me, not you and certainly not those little people.  Our gorgeous audience deserves the care and love of new ideas and props for each and every show!!!

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