Thursday, October 7

riding - or eat less move more

Next week is ride to work day here in Australia - my bike is in for a service today which meant I rode into town - Clarence St from home just under 9kms.  It felt epic and I am more tired than usual. 

I rode 2.5 times in and out of work last week - I forgot my bike was here over the weekend so I only rode home on the Monday.  
So far this week - 
yoga x 2 sessions(of 2 hours) 
3 rides (in orout) - one home tomorrow which will be 4 rides in and out.  

I am aiming for 6 rides (in or out) - and yoga twice a week and at least one run - for this week I have scheduled it for tomorrow morning.  

I am amping up the exercise in my eat less move more campaign currently underway.

I thought if I wrote it down here I might actually stick to it - and as part of my Blogtober I will keep you up to date with my progress, sorry to bore you.


Susan L (lily40au) said...

i've tried really hard to exercise more this year and i've succeeded really well and now i've thinking again about getting a bike. but i haven't ridden for so long.
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Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I love bike riding. It's such a great way to travel. I started riding to and from work a couple of years ago and now I hate it if I can't ride.

Hope you have lots of success with your eat less move more goals. I'm working on similar ideas at the moment.