Sunday, October 10

sunday funday or how not to decide anything at all

a huge thank you to Kylie Gusset for this
fab tshirt

So today I present to you two finished items and the choice of what is next.

Finished item #1
Summer Solstice was such a great knit and it the best wearing cardigan - again another project that once finished I have worn every day since.

Project details
Summer Time - (Rav link)
Yarn - Elssebeth Lavod Silky Wool just under 6 skeins used
Size - medium
Needles - 3.75mm and 3.5mm
This one took about a month I am not sure if it is the amount of stocking stitch or other projects getting in the way this month.

Finished item #2 -
Socks for the sock victim and the 6th pair in my personal sock club, running 4 pairs behind at the moment but I am not counting.

sock victim's socks #22 PSC #6 2010- (Rav link)

Yarn - Kaffe Fassett Regia sock yarn - I hear this is to be discontinued :(
Size - as required for foot of the sock victim
Needles - 2.25mm addi turbo lace
This one took about a month too not going that fast with the knitting

So now what to knit next

Firstly is Audrey in Unst - can't decide between red - wollmeise or grey - madelinetosh sport

Socks for me - can't decide full stop but here is some wollmeise that I managed to purchase off the actual website!!!

Celery - I have swatched but now I am thinking perhaps I should knit Goodale.

Also I have started playing around with a Babette Blanket - and not sure if I want to do solid colour blocks or strippy ones.

So today is a day of posing questions and not an expectation for the answer.  I am just going to muse on all of these ideas.  But if you have a suggestion I would be every so  grateful

or these could be socks?  As it is socktober....


Rose Red said...

regia kaffe fassett discontinued? oh noes! lucky I still have a few balls!

I vote red audrey! you've got enough grey cardi's I think!! heh heh

Anonymous said...

socks are tops, but a red wollmeise cardi is too good to go past!

Anonymous said...

oh and, you looked just lovely in the summer solstice. totally perfect for you!