Tuesday, November 9

and so it begins

The weekend was furious and full of social engagements.

this was from lunch last week - so so good and delicious!

One of the S.V.'s friends had a significant birthday (40) so there were quite a few of our friends up from Melbourne.

Although first I had my last day at TAFE and I passed!  Now qualified to train and assess...
One of my partners in crime made me this fab necklace - a barral o monkey cast in bronze - too cool.

Then it was off to knit and on the way to SSK I spied a knitter through window and knocked on the door for some tea and knitting time.  Of course I knew who lived there Pru!!!
There were just two of us at SSK - Jody and I knitted for a few hours and then I was off home to get ready for the evening ahead.

We went to the party via the best dinner ever at Bar H in the spot of my favorite cafe now gone - the wall.  We shared quite a few dishes and it was so so so good - look out for the review in the Good living this week.
Po in a box!!!

The party was fun - and then after a late night I got up and made muffins for the visitors before they set off home to Melbourne.  There was painting for little people and general lying around on the NEW COUCH by the  larger people.  So comfortable and LARGE!

painting by one of our visitors - of leaves in our garden


Rose Red said...

wow - big weekend! yum cha! yum! and I love your barrel of monkey necklace - SO COOL!

Virginia said...

Looks like a great weekend! Knitting and tea... yum.

Jess said...

Barrel of monkeys! I haven't thought of that game in years, bringing back memories!