Saturday, January 22

an extension and some more running

I am still alive
& I completed and survived the first day of shoot yesterday

It sounds great to say that I spent the day at the beach - but all day the water and sun tortured me as I was working and couldn't swim - as I had to go back to the office after.  I did work on my tan inadvertently and the arms are red brown at the moment.

Anyway I have been running heaps and wanted to report on the last two weeks

Week 2 of 2011 I ran a total of 25.9kms, and I rode 5.2kms to meet up with Kris for a run around Sydney Park.

Week 3 of 2011 I ran a total of 17.9km - might try for a quick one in the morning depending on how tired I am

Total so far this year - 60.9kms which according to calculations is way beyond expectations but I set the bar low for this reason exactly. Trying to balance motivation and the pressure not to fail.  That sweet spot where it is achievable if the odds are against me any particular week.

I have also been meditation 5 out of the 7 days in the last two weeks.

By managing to meet up with my running buddies which is a great tonic to work - and keeps my sanity in check by providing and alternate view to the world outside of a tv production.  Working 12 hours and more a day does somehow twist normality as you see your work colleagues more than anyone else.  Reality starts to skew towards the world you are creating rather than what is happening in the real world.  Sadly the past two weeks so much has been going on here with the rain both north and south, this is not the alternate reality anyone wants.

I am extending the deadline on the blog birthday thing til the end of the month - so go over here and comment to be in for the win - and I will post overseas!!!!


Alrischa said...

Wow... I thought I was doing well to keep up with 10k a week on the old treadmill! lol. Great effort, especially in this warm weather...

Virginia said...

I am VERY impressed with the running. :)

Ruby Girl said...

That is some serious running you are doing...good for you. It is reading blogs that keeps me motivated in somethings I said I would do this year.