Thursday, February 8

Falling off the wagon

I was going to participate in the knit from your stash challenge. I was in it until yesterday.

I had spent most of last year under a wool embargo due to a reduce the expenditure drive. Which went really well until a small slip in July at the craft fair. No Kris books and such don't count only wool. Then a spectacular fall at Ruby & Lana's on a guild excursion a few months later, and then on ebay.

Sooooo this year a fresh start.

I did buy cotton for Joc's top, that was before I started the challenge and in my mind it was a present so it didn't count, she choose the pattern and the colours.

So, I was knitting away and knitting away. And then the panic set in - do I have enough to finish, one more trip to tapestry craft before heading up north. Knitting away, knitting away oh no. Not enough to finish, Joc wanted the top a whole lot longer than the pattern suggested. And yes I swatched so it will fit!!!!
Panic set in and a quick ring around the only current supplier of the one extra ball I thought I needed was the in western australia.
One extra ball - only one- but you can't buy just one ball and get it sent all the way over from W.A.- the postage. So I fell, one ball, a magazine, 7 other balls to make this and then some green sale yarn to make this.

But wait folks that is not all - I know that you are allowed one fall. But last night I went to spotlight to buy wool for socks. Heh wait I can buy sock wool and have one fall. I AM STILL IN.
But no I am dreaming of wool from Lismore- so the real fall could be soon.

bugger this i want to knit and I will knit.............

oh and I am finishing off a baby jumper for my sister #2 who started knitting 4 years ago, can you believe it, when she her waters broke quite a few weeks too early- and she had to sit in hospital for a few weeks - bored so I got her knitting......The little bunny who caused this is now 3 1/2 and the cutest bunny to boot. Check out Willow Armadillo now.

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