Wednesday, February 7

tools of the trade

I was given this very cool measuring stick today - an inch stick - or tomstok in swedish or tommestok in Danish. I am stoked.

post script to this entry

I went home last night and pondered on actually how may measuring devices that I possess I cross the building and craft measuring systems so there would be a few. Work building wise I have a ladies 3m tape, at least three 8m tapes, these breed too, and a 30m tape as well as the tomstok, a a very nifty profile guage thing. Craft wise I have so many loose ones they breed in my house and of the retractable variety I can think of at least 3 - wow. I like to measure things. What does this say about me?!? I like to measure things. Be afraid be very afraid.
I am not even going to start on my pencil collection - i am truly obsessed with my mechanical pencils. 3mm 5mm 7mm clutch you name it.

post script to the post script - my 8m tape had another baby today in stainless steel
that would now be 2 tapes at abc, three at home and two here - that's just the 8m ones 7 altogether that is scary

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