Wednesday, February 7


No that is not a spelling mistake that is my typing, and oh, how it has gotten me into trouble over the last two days.

I some how managed to lock myself out of my Google account and consequently my blogger account - so I couldn't post!! And then for the life of me couldn't get them to send me a new password. A computer genius sorted me out remotely and I found out that most computer problems were due to CTK - the interface between the chair and the keyboard.

So then happily back on blogger I wrote yesterday's post and then logged out- went to log in again and the same problem again!!!! I give up!!!!

After a good nights sleep, with 3 episodes of Grey's series 3 - thanks Julie and Jeff, and lots of knitting, Joc will be pleased, I worked it out. It was the CTK all along, I had left out one letter in my user name DUH. Don't think that having realised this that I am safe from this happening again, by any stretch of the imagination - I will do it again I promise you - though next time I will examine the screen a bit harder and breath deeply and knit a few rows before throwing the computer out the window.

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Anonymous said...

I think you could have quite easily blamed the google/blogger thing on CODE 18 - ie: the problem was 18 inches away from the screen :)