Wednesday, February 21

I changed my outfit again


I'm like this- what to wear? - does it look ok?- do I feel right in this? do the colours match/clash in just the right way? the patterns to fussy or not a big enough statement?

Some days the bedroom floor and the bed is covered in clothes and other days the day's outfit is sorted out whilst I am in the shower.

So as far as my blog goes I am trying different outfits on until I get the right look.

So bear with me please - and any suggestions would be appreciated.

Although telling me that my blog looks big in that font will not get a good response.


missnat said...

it goes nicely with your monkey fred! and I sure do miss you at the theme park!

Kate said...

I've just discovered I can play with your monkey so I'm having fun with that! White is nice and crisp - it may be the new black.